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To become a member at Foothills Church, you must complete the Orientation class.

Next Orientation Class Begins: October 6, 2024


Our Orientation class is a 7-session class, where the 1st and 7th sessions are in-person on a Sunday Morning and the rest are online. For each online session, you can expect a short video and short quiz.

Session 1 // In-person meet & greet where you will receive your class workbook and get instruction on the remainder of the class.
Session 2 // Online Module about Salvation.
Session 3 // Online Module about Water Baptism and Communion.
Session 4 // Online Module about our Purpose Statement, Core Values, Statements of Faith, and the essentials about what we believe.
Session 5 // Online Module about Discipleship, Target Families, and Community Concerns.
Session 6 // Online Module about the Structure of the Church, Missions, and Finances.
Session 7 // In-person wrap-up session where you will receive instruction on a few forms you will complete and return to us for review. 


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Contact // Nicole O'Meara