Favorite Ornament: Kids Min

"What is your favorite Christmas Ornament and why?"

Karri's Answer:
 One of my absolute favorite Christmas ornaments is my mermaid.  I was fairly obsessed with mermaids, and since there was very little mermaid merch available to a young girl in the 70's, I had to create my own.  I drew them constantly, but there came a day in 3rd grade when we were given the opportunity to make a Christmas ornament out of clay.  I immediately went to work creating my masterpiece, using ten times the amount of clay intended for this project.  The result is my beautiful, 4 lb., indestructible, Christmas Mermaid ornament.  She is set in a profile pose (please don't confuse her pearl earring as a wonky second eyeball), with flowing mud-brown hair, zombie-green skin, and orange eyes.  Arms would have been nice, but space and time limits dictated a strong focus on the construction of her graceful (and very proportional) mermaid tail.  This treasure inspired many jokes and much laughter from family as, year after year, I sought the strongest branch on the tree to host my lovely mermaid.  She continues to be a Christmas favorite but is no longer allowed to harm innocent pine trees and now rests peacefully in a small, but sturdy, wooden easel on my mother's marble countertop.
Alex's Answer:
I do not have a favorite Christmas ornament. My mom changed the tree up every year with a new color scheme and or theme. But the best part of that for me is that I got to learn and then help decorate from the age 6 up. Every Christmas season always created new memories going to the Placerville K-Mart looking for what story we wanted our tree to tell that year.

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