Favorite Ornament: Student Min

"What is your favorite Christmas ornament and why?"

Doug's Answer:

Growing up my mom was a ballet dancer and teacher. Each year, from as early as I remember, the Christmas season was enveloped with dress rehearsals, costume sewing, and all things Nutcracker! Being the son of a ballerina I often found myself thrust onto the stage as either the annoying little brother, Fritz, or as a tiny mouse, or even the mouse king! The nutcracker has become a symbol of good memories from childhood. And so, as I see it hanging in the tree, it brings a smile to my face.
Jamin's Answer:
This is my favorite ornament... It is a picture of my little brother it is my favorite because it always makes me laugh when I pull it out of the box, he looks like a chubby John Cena.

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