Favorite Ornament: Phil

"What is your favorite Christmas ornament and why?

Phil's Answer:
My favorite Christmas ornament is kind of a goofy-looking one, hand created and painted and was a gift from one of our great Aunties, I think.

But, the reason this ornament tops the favorite list is because it was given to us for our first Christmas after we were married. It was just us, starting out in our little apartment with our little tree. No money. No kids. But lots of dreams about what God had in store for us, what our future Christmases might be like, what our family may become. 

Thirty years later, as I look at that funny little ornament hanging amongst the hand and footprint ornaments of our children and grandchildren, and others tied to fond memories or special events, I’m reminded of God’s amazing faithfulness, kindness and overwhelming generosity. Those years went fast. And that silly ornament takes me right back to the beginning where I find myself grateful all over again.
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