Favorite Ornament: Adult Min

"What is your favorite Christmas ornament and why?"

Chris' Answer:

Growing up, my favorite Christmas ornament was a mountain climbing Santa Clause. Every year I looked forward to getting him out of the ornament trunk, playing with him for a bit, and then anchoring his rope to “just the right” branch. It had to be sturdy enough to hold his rather heavy weight, but also had to be right above a gap in the tree so he would be dangling in mid air and not resting on a branch. I think I hung him from the fireplace mantle occasionally when the tree did not have an ideal spot. 

As to why I liked this little ornament… I think it is because it spoke to how God created me. First off, I loved playing with ropes when I was a kid. My parents can attest that my favorite toy growing up was a twenty foot length of parachute cord. The fact that this little ornament came with one was an attention getter! Second, and perhaps more subtle, this ornament represented a sense of adventure. It awoke or touched that part of my soul that would later go rock climbing, backpacking, and partake in all the other adventures I would later have. The best part of this ornament is that I my mom gifted it to me and I still have 30+ years later! It doesn’t always make it on to the tree (my lovely 9 year old daughter is very particular about of the tree is decorated), but will always stand out in my heart as my favorite.
Kelly's Answer:
My grandma was one of my very favorite people and a genuine Christmas enthusiast!  She loved all things Christmas and went all out to make Christmas Eve, when all her family gathered, the best day of the year.  From cross stitching a stocking for each family member, to thoughtfully choosing a gift for them, wrapping it, and tying it with a bow, my grandma did it all!  On each bow of every present was the addition of a beautiful ornament she had crafted herself. There were popsicle stick reindeer, beaded Santa clauses, sequined snowmen and shiny angels. Our trees were covered with grandma’s love in the form of ornaments.  

When my grandma passed, her basket of ornament making supplies was passed on to me.  Every time I opened the basket, I could still get a gentle scent of her and see all of her beads and bobbles sorted into repurposed baby food jars. I just treasured it for a few years before I was willing to use any of those supplies. The first year I pulled them out to use with my kids, I realized quickly the labor of love these ornaments really were. Together with my two small daughters, we assembled the simplest ornament ever to come from that basket— a humble beaded pipe cleaner candy cane. It was all we could manage to make that was recognizable. But while making that ornament, I was sorting through the very basket my grandma must’ve pulled out so very many times each year, and now I was doing the same, but with my own daughters reminiscing and reminding them of their beautiful, crafty, full of life and love great grandma.

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