Favorite Ornament: Facilities & Reception

"What is your favorite Christmas ornament and why?"

Debbie's Answer:

We used to make ornaments with flour/salt/water mixture, bake them, then paint them with acrylics.We put the dogs and cats paw prints in them too.We used cookie cutters and made the craziest, mishmash of themes and styles. All the colors!! We tied them on with different colored ribbon or twine. The kids loved it, and so did I!

I think the few that were my favorites were the ones my mom painted and then wrote the kids names on them.  She was an amazing artist and had gorgeous handwriting and she did it so beautifully and the way she painted them was super intricate for such a humble piece of dough. Truly works of art and heritage.

Josiah's Answer:
 I always love the decorations on the tree. From stringing popcorn with my mom when I was a kid to the new tradition of getting an ornament on every vacation we take makes them all special. This thermos (has a matching lunchbox) is a favorite every year because it makes me chuckle. It’s dorky. I like the silly ones and the homemade ones, and the broken ones that we re-glue every year. This year my favorite one is a hand carved stubby nutcracker with my birth year 1976 scribed into it.

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